Our History


In the beginning...


ClubRust started in 1997 as a "House Building Ministry".  Many years later, our leadership team realized (and agonized) that while "giving" homes was a good thing, we could do it better by "helping without hurting".  This started our journey of betterment (and hopefully, development) versus providing relief (see the section on "Why development" on the ABOUT US page).


In 2015, we started working directly with the local community pastors to identify needy families.  We also asked home recipients to donate 200 person-hours of "community service" to receive a home.  This was a good first step, but still short of our goal of starting a developmental approach to addressing the community's issues. 


We are now committed to having a committee from the community define and propose projects that we can come alongside of.  Their ideas, for their village, executed by them (and us!) together.  This is one of the core concepts of community development.




As ClubRust transitions towards a developmental approach to our short term mission trip projects, we will continue to solicit volunteers from all walks of life to Join Us on these adventures South of the border - but there will be some changes:


Trip Timing:  

Trip dates will depend on when the community we work in is ready to move forward. This means that trips can no longer be a yearly, same week in June trip. Dates will be announced via email and our social media accounts listed on our Contact Us page.

Team Size:  


We expect our group size to be significantly smaller (between 12 and 30). As we engage the community, we expect more of "them" and less of "us". Smaller teams and more frequent trips will build up relationships (among the team members, and between the team and the local community) as well as encourage more local participation.



As team size shrinks, participation by team members increases. Everyone will, by necessity, be more involved in the planning and execution of the trip.

No more house building for ClubRust?

Well, only if the community nominates a family that truly needs a home.  The likely hood is slim - The situation would be a "relief" effort (House burned down, natural disaster, serious family issues, etc...).  In general, communities come up with projects that benefit the community, and not just a single family.


What if my group or church STILL wants to build a house?

NO PROBLEM.  Rancho La Paloma Ministry Center (The Ranch, where ClubRust stays) serves 30+ other teams, besides ClubRust, throughout the year.  Many of these teams still want to build a house for a family in the border area.  Their trips through the Ranch do NOT involve ClubRust.

You can Contact the Ranch and ask them to provide you with an opportunity to build a house for a family (via Hector and his helpers).  Many groups that stay at The Ranch do this.


What this means:

Your team builds a house (and optionally, a latrine) for a family,

You stay at the Ranch, as before.

Your meals are provided by the Ranch, as before.

Your trip can happen anytime - Check Ranch availability.


How your house building trip will differ from a ClubRust trip:

You will be running your own trip, without any ClubRust Organizers.
Self-organized house building trips happen weekly at the Ranch.

You raise the funds for the house (and latrine) that your team builds.

Your team makes a Lodging and Meals reservation with The Ranch.

Your trip can be any number of days in length. We recommend 3 full days for building the house.

You manage your own signup process for your team's trip.  You are in charge of all aspects of administering your team.  This is YOUR trip.

You make arrangements for your teamís transportation - To the Ranch, and to the colonias.

Depending on your dates, you may be sharing the Ranch with another group.

A construction lead is necessary, and should be part of your team.  You are building a house, after all.  Hector (and Co.) might stop by to help on the first construction day - However, that is NOT guaranteed.


The Ranch is available and willing to help you navigate all of the above points.  The Ranch can also provide you with recommendations and assistance with this process - As they have been regularly assisting 30+ teams since 2006 with their house building and Mexico adventures.

Questions or comments? please contact us.

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