ClubRust Needs your Prayers and Support!


All homes that ClubRust volunteers build are given free of charge to the recipient families.

The complete cost of materials for a house with a latrine is $8,900.  The (very reasonable) registration fee you pay for participating in ClubRust does NOT include any portion for the cost of materials.  The registration fee only covers the cost of food, lodging and transportation between the time we pick you up at San Diego airport on Tuesday and when we drop you off at the airport on Sunday afternoon.

ClubRust relies on donations from churches, families and individuals (like you!) to fund the cost of the homes and latrines..  Your donation will ONLY be used for the purchase of construction materials.  No ClubRust organizer or volunteer is ever paid for their services on the trip.

Contact us if you would like further information.  To support us:

(1) Pray for us,  

(2) Join us on a trip, and  

(3) DonateNow!


(a) Send a one-time online donation:

Donations of any amount are instrumental in covering the cost of materials for the homes and latrines.  To give, click on the donate button

(b) Send a recurring monthly donation:

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(c) Send a check to our offices:



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As an outreach of Rancho La Paloma Ministry Center, a federal not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, all donations to ClubRust are tax deductible.


Questions or comments? please contact us.

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