What to Bring


       Personal Items


God's Love Nailing apron
Personal sport's water bottle Framing hammer - waffle head
        (Water cups are NOT provided) Regular hammer - smooth head
Good work shoes Utility knife, extra blades
Flash Light (with fresh batteries!) Chalk line
Hat  (resistance is futile, you WILL sunburn) Carpenter Pencils
Plastic Safety Glasses Swing stapler, 5/16" or 3/8"
Sleeping bag or bed sheets  (foam pads provided) Knee pads (roof work)
Work gloves Drywall saw
Pillow, towel, washcloth, etc... Drywall tools
Sunglasses (for sun and dust protection) Tin snips for corner bead
Sunscreen (you WILL sunburn) Paint rollers
Overnight accessories (soap, toothpaste, etc..) Paint roller handle
Bug spray (for mosquitos) Paint pans
Bandanas (more dust protection) Brushes
Sweatshirt (Temp's as low as 50 at night) 6" wide mud knife
Swimsuit  (modest, please!)
Shower slippers (flip-flops)
Ear plugs (Power tools and/or sleeping!)
Camera and film (disposable, inexpensive)
ID:  Passport, or US Passport Card   >>> Personalize all tools
      (We recommend a US Passport CARD)        for Identification!  <<<

NO NAIL GUNSThere are plenty of willing hands with hammers at the ready!

For your safety and maximum enjoyment, bring the items listed in bold.

Airlines have STRICT rules regarding batteries in checked or carry on luggage:  This link is for Alaska Airlines' policies.  Other airlines will have similar policies. TSA will remove prohibited or regulated items.    


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