ClubRust 2019 Registration List

As of 16:44 PDT on Saturday, July 06, 2019 the registrations listed below have been processed.  Contact us if you have questions about your status.  The legend key is at the bottom of this page.

We only need

$ 5 4

  to fund the 3 homes we are building.




  Last Name

 First Name



01 W Y Barrett Brenda KR
02 W Y Beard Timothy 1 H2
03 C Y Breselow Eric H1
04 C Y Brownell David H3
05 C Y Brownell Robert H3
06 C Y Brumley Alex H3
07 C Y Butz Heidi O
08 C Y Butz Jeremy H2
09 C Y Butz Joel O
10 C Y Cavner Avery H2
11 C Y Cavner Lindsay RD H2
12 C Y Clark Maurine + H2
13 W Y Clark Mikaela S H2
14 C Y De Vries James C H1
15 C Y De Vries Linda H1
16 C Y Duntz Edward KR
17 C Y Dwinells Frances + H2
18 C Y Dwinells Tyler D+ H2
19 C Y Elliott Dustin H3
20 C Y Faustino Celio 1S H3
21 C Y George Jacob H3
22 C Y George Joshua H3
23 C Y Graf Dan CD H3
24 C Y Graf Joel 1 H3
25 C Y Graf Nan RB+ H3
26 C Y Ishihara Koji H3
27 W F Y Jimenez William S H3
28 C Y Joslin Haleigh H1
29 C Y Joslin Hannah H1
30 W F Y Juarez Bryan S H3
31 C Y Kallor Thomas H3
32 C Y King Zharia H3
33 C Y Kovalik Terran H3
34 C Y Lunak Donald 1 H1
35 C Y Lunak Joshua H1
36 C Y McDowell Lisa H1
37 C Y Merriam Tim H2
38 C Y Moore Sterling   H1
39 C Y Mucciolo Nada KR
40 C Y Mucciolo Tanya D H2
41 C Y Nickerson Ben - H2
42 C Y Nickerson Mary 1D H2
43 C Y Ouyang Alice - H2
44 C Y Paul Logan H1
45 C Y Paul Morgan S H1
46 C Y Paul Tina R+ H1
47 C Y Ranger Angel H3
48 C Y Ranger Robroy H3
49 C Y Rollins Ariella H2
50 C Y Rollins David H3
51 C Y Rollins Julie H3
52 C Y Rollins Rebecca H2
53 C Y Saba Elliot CS H2
54 C Y Saba George O
55 C Y Saba Susan O
56 C Y Sacco John H2
57 C Y Schmidt Ken 1 H1
58 C Y Schmidt Monty 1S H1
59 C Y Shoaf Joe H3
60 C Y Stephanie Brittany H1
61 C Y Stout John H1
62 C Y Swinney Macallan H3
63 C Y Thurmer Mike 1M H1
64 C Y Ware Daniel H3
65 C Y Yu Lucy H2



C  : Complete !

W : Need signed trip Waiver

F  : Need Flight info

F? : Check flight numbers 

G  :  No Designated Guardian

P  : Pending registration

I  : Incomplete application


M : Medical release missing

T  : Travel release missing

N  : T-release Not notarized

H  : Health Insurance missing


$  : Paid - Yes, No



C : Captain

1 : First Mate

R : Rudder

KR : Camp Rust

S: Spanish speaker

D : Driver

B : Backup driver

+  : First Aid/Medical

M: Radios

O : Organizer

Questions or comments? please contact us.

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